Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Rob Andrews' MBOC - March edition

It's March, people, and the pancakes are deep down the digestive tract. It's time for good taste, and sounds for your ears, courtesy of Rob Andrews' MBOC (My Best Of Collection), his monthly summation of his fave new tunes on MacIDOL.com. This month's newsletter is different in that it is the First Anniversary Issue. Rob is highlighting the favourite tracks from last years monthly e-zine, and has a podcast to ease you through the best bits. So therefore, it's a great chance to catch up with last years going on. Do yourself a favour, and unhitch your haste. Stop here, and enjoy!

Featuring Shiloh Lindsey and Breaker 1-9 with a host of great tunes, let your ears lead the way

Sunday, February 26, 2006

MacIDOL is down this weekend

If you're having trouble accessing MacIDOL.com this weekend it's not you. Their down. And when asking on the forums (which were still working yesterday) their was a lot of speculation, and only Sp3ccylad had a definitive answer. "It's broken" he said.

So now you know. Rest Easy.

The whole site is down now for overhaul. Watch ths space for further developments. Or watch another space. Look at the sky if you must. But Relax.

EDIT - OK that's enough relaxing, the forums are back, let's check the music - and first up is another first Plig It (stream) by 'Me and Boris The Bull' - dang but they're not playing yet.

Oh yes we are!
Songs are streaming and downloading again ...Phew!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Tonight's the Night (and so is tomorrow)

Mardi Gras weekend. So the usually reliable Gumbo Pages Blog will be intermittent. If you're there it won't matter (you certainly won't be reading this!), and if you're not you can browse the back pages to get a taste of what's been happening in New Orleans recently. Plus the Cocktail Recipes!

To get you in the mood, some kickin' Cajun and Zydeco:
The Monkey And the Fiddle MP3 by Charivari

Zydeco Hee Haw MP3 by Boozoo Chavis

Images by Scott Chernis When you buy one of his photos and you'll be donating to the New Orleans Musicians Hurricane Relief Fund

The Killbillies

Just came across this band over at RockabillyBass.com and their vocalist Eve Hell, has got the Spirit. My fave of hers is Luv'n' a 45, and in there with the "songs about chicks, cars and death" are the vocal chords of a diva, a turner of heads, this gal will reach out and grab you by the ears. They are well on the way to getting their CD in the post, and have found their niche with their beloved rockabilly mayhem. The new recordings are made with Eve on Upright Bass, Mike on Guitar and vocals, and Don on drums and vocals. At the risk of being an unfriend of the boys, I'm hanging out to hear Eve's new tracks, keep your eye on this band, and their Kill Billies MySpace site.

Luv 'n a 45 is still up at The Killbillies - download.com

There is also a gory film called Killbillies Film which they do not star in. Shame.

Friday, February 24, 2006

It's never too late to change

At the risk of being overtly political, don't it make sense that this stuff is dangerous?

Old Man Atom MP3 by the always great Sons Of The Pioneers
Jesus Hits Like An Atom Bomb MP3 by Lowell Blanchard
Sputniks and Mutniks MP3 by Ray Anderson

These tracks came from the wonderful Atomic Café album and for you lucky people the whole film is for sale on DVD at Amazon. Do you know how much that would have cost me to own the film, in 1982??

And long before that they came from folks thinkin about stuff ...

Monday, February 20, 2006

It's Mardi Gras Time!

This week is the 2006 New Orleans Mardi Gras so here are a few tunes to get you in the mood (if you're there) or the Spirit (if you're not there). Many New Orleans residents are making plans for Mardi Gras celebrations in other parts of the US this week, and I was thinking about that. Being uprooted and having to start fresh, or wait for the chance to get back home. Celebrations of Life like the Mardi Gras are like the old Festivals, connecting us back to our community, and to Our Land, our Home. Without pretence, and without undue seriousness, and though I know there will be many moments of reflection this week, it is a time to Shake It Up and Enjoy!

So without further ado, Professor Longhair:

Mardi Gras In New Orleans MP3
Walk Your Blues Away MP3
Who's Been Fooling You MP3

Buy It! From New Orleans.

Monday MacIdol Update

Here is my monday selection of the Best Tunes posted this week on MacIDOL.com. All links are downloadable for as long as the Artist leaves them up at the site. Check out their Jamrooms for more great music, and tell them what you like!

First the wonderful Gypsy and Klezmer music of La Quinta Esencia, a Mexican five piece consisting of accordian, bass, drums, acoustic guitar, and saxophone. Check out their "Migrant Songs"
Sapo In Spring MP3

Sp3ccylad oozes catchy Pop! He has a new song up, made in an orgy of luck over the weekend. Listen to it. It's contagious! (am I jealous ... of course!)
Lucky You MP3

The Fritters are James Bouchard and Kelli King, and their blend of music matches Kelli's crystal voice with James' beautifully layered guitar soundscapes.
Down To The Core MP3

Talkin Ape has a new Dub outing for your grooving pleasure:
DubMashine MP3

Stuart Walker (aka Gumbo) collaborating with Karen Link on flute, and Matt Griffin on banjar and vocals. Bluegrass for your barndance.
Long Way To and Fro MP3

Tom Atwood's New Age Piano is balm for the ears.
Goodbye MP3

Paul Brazier has come up trumps with a glorious reggae tune that you need to vibrate to, right now!
Looking For You MP3

Rhythm Radio MacIDOL Podcast

MacIdol is an Independent Music site for users of Apple's GarageBand recording software, and serves Artists everywhere, all over the world, the whole Planet. These Artists are producing music of enormous variety, and Rhythm Radio is a Podcast dedicated to that variety. Not a purists World Music station, yet drawing on the Spirit of Sound that lifts Hearts and Souls Everywhere. A selection of my favourite World and Roots inspired tracks.

This first edition features Paul Brazier, La Quinta Esencia, Duke Elegant, Stone Mountain Crew, the Van Buren Brothers mixed by Ashwan, and David Jones and you can read more , download an MP3 version and (soon) find future editions at Rhythm Radio at MacIDOL.com

or subscribe to here: Rhythm Radio RSS Feed

Friday, February 17, 2006

Emmylou Harris

Just when I thought I had Emmylou sussed. But I should have guessed, after being discovered by Gram Parsons and then being snapped up by Bob Dylan for the Rolling Thunder Review, forming the Hot Band from Elvis' touring band, James Burton on guitar (listen to Driving Wheel), and still looking like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth, I ought to have known there are more gems to find in her catologue.

Jerusalem Tomorrow mp3 from the album Cow Girl's Prayer, is a shocker. Perfect delivery. This gal has played the crowds and knows her trade. Then she meets the incomprehensible and is ready to take it on on her own terms. This track just blows me away every time. Tighten your belt.

Driving Wheel mp3

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Bo Diddley Boo-Ga-Loo

This is what i love about Bo Diddley. He wrote and played some awesome songs, some of the classics of Rock'n'roll, some of the best Blues, some of the most innovative music in the Whole Damn Lot. This isn't it. This is just Bo and the band getting it on and laying down a couple of tracks for a single. Listen to this. From the first guitar run, it just builds til it's steaming, effortless and sweaty funk. This is why you go out at night. To dance, to drink, to get laid. To hear this.

Happy Day After Valentines Day

Wrecking My Love Life mp3
Boo-Ga-Loo Before You Go mp3

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Monday MacIdol Update

We've got a power cut here today, so I'm watching the clock on my laptop battery. Here are some of my favourite new tracks posted this week at MacIdol.com in no particular order

James Bouchard has a totally new take on the traditional song popularised by Ralph Stanley.
O Death MP3

Frenz has a new comedy tune up:
Guys Like Me MP3

aka Gumbo has a whimsical country blues for children!
Come Back Rosie (MP3)

Katie Uppuluri has a great Down Tempo exposé about Fear (mp3)

Paul Brazier has a wonderful guitar driven late 60s BritPop offereing with Mrs Jones (MP3)

Maggie Osterberg has the deep down dirty on The Last Two Drops. A late Night Bohemian tango that connects directly to those last lingering brain cells and wrings the bottle.

Gene Vincent

You know there was a time I would have had plans for yesterday, but I missed it. I'm gettin' out of practice! February the 11th was the birthday of Gene Vincent.

Most fondly remembered for his Out Of This World rockabilly records cut in 1956 and 1957.

Here is one of them. Unreleased at the time.

Well I Knocked, Bim Bam MP3

I wonder if anyone else put one up yesterday. The Reverend Frost, of course is psychically linked into the heart of Rock'n'Roll so was a couple of days early, perhaps due to the medication.

Dang! Gene would have been 71 and he died 35 yeas ago. Be healthy, people.

I'm gonna tell you more about Gene, one day. (So Watch Out)

Saturday, February 11, 2006


Spread The Good Word linked to The Kingdom recently. Those of you who delve thoroughly will know that it was reading The Reverend's Good Word that inspired my Blogging Epiphany. Thanks Rev!

This may have helped to get The Kingdom onto page 1 of Google for that phrase. The Wierd Wonderful Web.
Technorati also proves that you are listening, so welcome and enjoy ;~)

Another Milestone was making page one of MacIdol's Most Played Artists List. I'm a top 40 artist LOL! There is such a wealth of great music in there, you will find out, and tell em what you like.

A couple of things you should check out if they fit your bag. Countrygrrl posted about these folks at Wide Blue Skies. A great country/bluegrass band Yonder Mountain String Band check out the wonderful Left Me In A Hole MP3. This link will expire in a couple of days but it will still be available 'free to download' at their website, above.

Another excellent Train Song at 2 and 1/2 Pounds of Bacon - Michelle Shocked's version of 'The L&N Don't Stop Here Anymore'. Wonderful.
Bottlad has posted an old claymation of Frank Zappa's 'City Of Little Lights' which will grasp your brain most thoroughly. Check out his excellent BritPop/Psychedelia, too.

Have Goodness in your weekend! Whatever flavour.

Charles Brown - Dark Knight of the Soul

Hey ! Go visit the Reverend Frost! He's undergoing Morphine Therapy. Get well soon, Reverend. Here's some mellow music for you.

Charles Brown.
Another case of a Great Artist no-one knows much about. Just a few sketchy details and some intriguing stories like the "imprisoned by gangster" nugget at Jazzhouse.org. There's a good article by JC Marian. A degree in chemistry, and a couple of brief teaching jobs before he won a talent contest (he was a classically trained pianist) when he moved out to the West Coast in 1944. He met up with guitarist, Johnny Moore (whose brother Oscar was the guitarist with The Nat 'King' Cole Trio) and they became Johnny Moore's Three Blazers with bass player Eddie Williams.

Brown's mesmerising voice spread peace wherever he went, and they hit straight away with 'Driftin' Blues', 'Lost In The Night' and Merry Chrismas Baby is one of the all time classic songs of that season. Inevitably, Brown went solo and hit immediately with 'Black Night', the biggest selling R'n'B record of 1951, according to CashBox.

The hits kept coming until the height of rock'n'roll, and even then there was room for hit duets with Amos Milburn on Ace Records, and the huge 'Please Come Home For Christmas' on King in 1960.

Reading up about his later years the consensus is that he never compromised his style, and continued at the top of his form til his death in 1999. Anyone got any later albums?

I'm posting this now, because listening to Charles Brown, it is obvious how influential he was for the young Sam Cooke. And Sam honoured that with his Night Beat album from 1963. and just when we're about to finish I remember a story about Sam Cooke asking Charles Brown to play piano on his 'Bring it On Home', and that turns up the best link so far. The excellent The 'B' Sides has a great write up of Charles Brown. Check it out and then listen too these.

Lost In The Night MP3
Driftin' Blues MP3
Black Night MP3

Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Doors Of The Kingdom

Here is an eye-catching title from alhambra productions. Doors into a World you cannot imagine. Well, not accurately. You might be able to guess. This beats the postcards of Georgian House Doors in Dublin (unless you live in Saudi Arabia, perhaps).
Grab yourself a copy from Amazon.co.uk for a paltry £2.65 (Hardcover) I'll tell you more when mine arrives.

Soul Stirring

Today I was in there supporting my neighbourhood 'book and coffee' shop (on instruction from Big Rock Candy Mountain) and it seems there is a new Peter Guralnick book out about Sam Cooke. Ooo! I thought. Then i looked at the price ... so I sat on the floor with it for a few minutes (my lunch break). According to reviewers at Amazon.com I don't know enough about the subject to be able to judge it (which is fine as judging is over-rated imho) but anyways.

I started at the beginning and was fascinated (despite my tummy rumbling). I loved the descriptions of the early church meetings, of Sam Cooke, full of confidence, leading his group in any setting, radiating peace and "the rightness".

I loved also the recollections of his brother talking of Sam playing in the yard, practising, with (what was it? sticks and rocks?) saying "this my audience, I do it this way, I got it all planned out, see because it's a system, and this is how I'm gonna do it. I'm not gonna work no 9 to 5". He was seven years old and he had a plan. Maybe I had a plan at seven. Maybe not. I forget. Sam Cooke had a plan. AND IT WORKED. As far as it went. Anyway, it was a great moment. Peter Guralnick wrote it down. Thank you those men.

Thank you for reminding me that I might have had a plan when I was seven.

Soul Stirring. Not enough of that these days.

So ... What we need is a good dose of Soul Stirring. With Sam Cooke and the Soul Stirrers. They were possibly the most successful Gospel group in America at the time. In 1950 their lead tenor RH Harris retired and 19 year old Sam Cooke walked into his place in history. What would you do. Well he didn't. He had a plan. He sang it like he felt it. No trying to ape any predecessor here. In fact if you compare these tracks to any of his later pop hits ... make that Pop Hits ... you'll agree that the Sam Cooke plan was already up and running. He had been practising.

Jesus Gave Me Water MP3
Jesus, I'll Never Forget MP3

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Prince Buster - Tutti Frutti

This was one of those beautiful days when everything just goes right. The sun is shining, people smile as you go passed, the pavement is soft and springy even. Oh ! I'll just check in the Oxfam shop and see if they have anything interesting. Clothes? (lol) Books? Nah! Old china nick-nacks? ...
CDs? hmm. nothing. Some old classical records ... and this Prince Buster from 1967. On Melodisc. Yes!

So I got diggin' around on the Web and there really isn't much about him out there, is there. The best I can find is The BBC and an Album Listing which takes a while to load up. Anyone got any decent links to Prince Buster info.

Check these out while you reply:
Time Longer Than Rope MP3
Madness MP3
Enjoy Yourself MP3

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Haunted By Their Dreams

I had a Dream last night.

Well it was last Thursday actually but this is The Media, right?

I had a Dream last Thursday.

We were at a party, and weaving in between the dancers were the Souls of theDeparted.

They were Scxreaming.

Nobody noticed.
(Except me. My hair was standing on end.)

It was one of Those Dreams.

I managed to save you some:

Haunted By Their Dreams MP3
aka Gumbo's Jamroom

Monday, February 06, 2006

Rob Andrews' MBOC E-Zine

I know this is up in my Links but it's good one this month (i'm not in it). Go See!

Robert Andrew's My Best Of Collection

Rob does a regular as clockwork monthly summary of his favourite music being posted up on MacIdol.com or dug up from the archives (over 8000 songs to choose from). Some of the best free music on the Web, almost all made with Apple's GarageBand multitrack recording software.

Check out Rob's collaborations with other Internet artists in his jamroom, and as a taster listen to the groovy Hot As Hades MP3
Rob is re-recording a lot of his tunage as we speak I'll sure let you know when the great unveiling happens.

Friday, February 03, 2006

The Robins, Leiber and Stoller, The Coasters, and Leiber and Stoller again.

I am hastening to get this up as Alex over at Moistworks has another Robins track up today. I thought I'd have tomorrow morning to do it. C'est La Vie.
It was prompted by a comment over at Spread The Good Word about the Clovers. I don't normally think of The Clovers and The Coasters in the same space, and this got me to. So here are a few tracks so you can think about it for your self.
The Robins began back in the Misty Morning of Doo-Wop in 1945 on the West Coast when Ty Terrell and the Richard Brothers started singing together. In 1947 they got spotted by Johnny Otis who paired them up with bass, Bobby Nunn, and had them record as The Bluebirds, though it wasn't until 1949 that they recorded as The Robins, and from this same session scored a huge hit with the sassy Double Crossin Blues (Nunn dueting with Little Esther). Read the story at the always excellent Marv Goldberg's Notebook They did Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller's first commercial song "That's What the Good Book Says" an alt take of which is over at Moistworks today (and tomorrow)
Much label hopping ensued until 1954 when Otis introduced them to Carl Gardner, and a few months later they met Leiber and Stoller and began to record for their Spark label. From their second session we have I Must Be Dreamin' MP3 and you have to read Uncle Marv's article to learn the rest.

The upshot was that Leiber and Stoller went to Atlantic Records in New York and The Robins had the chance to go with them. Bobby Nunn went for it, and some fancy footwork convinced Carl Gardner to go as well. The others stayed and the name "The Robins" stayed with them, because Ty Terrell had patented it. A trick that managers and record companies usually pulled to retain control of a famous group. So when they recorded in New York the new group called themselves The Coasters, linking themselves to their West Coast roots. Learn much much more in the amazingly detailed Coasters Discography and listen to Searchin' MP3 as an example of their style. This is where the Clovers comparison doesn't add up. The Clovers where sleek and demure, and when they rocked they did it with elegance. The Coasters on the other hand were clowns, through and through, and excelled at creating fun. A great rollicking party of a sound. I don't want to make a big thing of it, but hey ... take your inspiration where you find it ;~)

They had a great run of hits working with Leiber and Stoller until the early sixties ... and that might have been the end of it, except they got together again and recorded Soul Pad MP3 with Leiber and Stoller producing, Phil Ramone as engineer, and the great James Booker on Piano. In 1965, on Date records with "Down Home Girl on the flipside. WHich you can hear if you look carefully through the discography! In 1967 they recorded DW Washburn MP3 and then the following year Leiber and Stoller remastered the Date tracks for King which is where my single comes from.

The thing that gets me is how little their style changes with the various musical backings they work with ... and how great they are, of course.

Enjoy, and then buy everything you can find. Yes. Everything.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Trainsongs 3 - Paradise Waiting

Pacific Rails from the Route 33 cd by the The Wailin' Elroys, one of the best of the New Breed Hillbilly bands. The song link is direct to their website and will still be available there when this link dies in a few days. Check out their website for more mp3s from their two albums. Then buy the albums and get them booked into a bar near you.

Paradise John Prine
"Oh Daddy won't you take me back to Mulinburg County
Down by the Green River, where Paradise lays.
I'm sorry, my Son, but you're too late in asking
Mr Peabody's Coal Train has hauled it away"

Bridal Train The Waifs from their excellent Double live CD, A Brief History ...

The Train And The River by the Jimmy Giuffre Three was the music playing at the beginning of the Newport Jazz Festival movie, as the camera panned first across the water and then through the crowd attending the concert. And I do mean attending. It is a bygone age.