Friday, March 30, 2007

RPM Challenge - MacIdol chapter

February is the month for the annual RPM "make a ten song CD in 28 days, from scratch" Challenge. No prizes, except what you end up with, and no pressure LOL - do what you want. Actually there was lots of pressure, all of it internal. The furnace, as Blake called it. The image above was found at participant Angie Fights Crime and is called "Effort" - which one are you?

And today, Friday 30th March is the Official Listening Party! Although it doesn't start til midnight GMT or thereabouts. So I'm going to present you with some of the highlights from the MacIdol contingent.

And there are five finished albums from this eclectic bunch of musicians. The comments will be short an dsweet. Try the first song for each Artist and take it from there. Here are the contenders (in alphabetical order):

The Unbearable Brightness of Seeing by B&Massa is grooving blues workout by the Tasmanian bass player (for "The Breed")

Wellington's Shadow
Ooh La La
And my next choice would be Urban Sprawl, which is only available for streaming but you can listen to it here: Urban Sprawl, pts I-IV

Chris Cooke's album, Family Portrait, nearly didn't make it as life threw a fastball in the form of a new family member. Hence the second track here. Chris describes his music as experimental, and this album was made using Muse-o-matics "Tune Toy" which produces algorhythms!
New Kid

Frogmorton also known as Matt Duane Griffin. Tracks from the album Fuyu Persimmon. A driving collection of acoustic songs. Outsider Folk Punk.

Bills Come Due

Sp3ccylad's album: ...Amongst Tax Collectors and Thieves. More of Sp3ccylads Indie-pop - catchy and cutting and raring to go!

Powers From The Queen
Let It Grow
Joe Dice

aka Gumbo's album "Time Will Tell" Dunno what to say about this one. Citing Dusty Springfield, Them, Dylan, and Demons Everywhere it's a mad ride.

Time Will Tell
Demon Eyes
The Rhythm and The Rhyme

UPDATE The player is now active at the RPM HomePage. Five tracks in so far and two good uns and one cover your ears. There is going to be some stretching of the word Eclectic tonite, I tell ya. :D

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

John Campbell

I was perusing Home Of The Groove yesterday digging the ShooRah tracks, and bemoaning the missing of the Papa Mali tracks.

Dan said "Papa Mali offers a worthy modern day expression of the sanctified psychedelic hoodoo of Dr. John’s early days, as captured on the Gris Gris album of the late 1960’s. This man learned serious stuff from the late John Campbell, a blues/voodooist so intense that it still spooks me to listen to his records."

My ears must have jumped, though I was still too busy moaning to notice. So today I spotted the name in the listings, John Campbell. Voodoo?


Have yourselves a read of this at Jefitoblog

I haven't even heard them yet. I want us to listen together.

No. Of course I'm not scared.
The very idea.

Ok I'm listening, now. What are you waiting for?

I was wondering what I could post up with this, what would be fitting? Something Dark, and Deathly, filled with Fire and Rage, and full of disdain for the mores of surrounding mortals.

Ah yes. Joyce Green. Black Cadillac released on Arkansas label Vaden in 1959 or 60.

Anyone know anything about her?



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Friday, March 23, 2007

O Heck. It's the Teaspoon Slide Guitarist!

Well this deserves a mention. If I could do this with my hands I'd be happy.


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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Janis Martin and Rachael Stokes

Now here's where I get to thank the internet.

I was going to post a couple of Janis Martin tracks (because she's great, of course) and her story is one of those 'what might have been' tales. With the backing of RCA Victor in 1956 and some great songs, the sassy 17 year old cut some kickin rock'n'roll tracks without making the chart dent she deserved. Touted as the Female Elvis might have backfired, but the airplay didn't. 750,000 sold on her first single. Both sides of which are included here. Drugstore was written by Janis herself, and RCA were keen on her rockin' image and put the rockabilly first in her music. Until the sales didn't follow on, and they tried other material. But her last RCA session was as rockin as her first.
So what happened. How come she isn't as famous as Brenda Lee or Wanda Jackson? Was it her manager?

No. Gigs in Europe allowed her to see her husband and she became pregnant and dropped out of the music scene til they were old enough to have a working mum. She's up and singin' all over nowadays and goes down a storm at rockin' clubs everywhere.
Have a listen:
Drugstore Rock'n'Roll
Will You, Willyum

So I was wondering if there was any footage of her on the old 'net and searched YouTube. Nothing early. But wait what's this. A young gal singing Janis songs in her bathroom. Sweet. And what a great voice. And she needs a band. Vegas area, are you listening? SHE NEEDS A BAND. VEGAS AREA.

Rachel Stokes is what I was searching for. That young rocker just ready to sing her heart out, and tear up the floor with the ... hmm .. let's try a different metaphor. Damn. Just go listen. Surprisingly my fave is "My Confession" - a ballad. I'm not big on fifties ballads usually, prefering to swing, or switch it up by the speakers, but hey! in her bathroom, and no production, and no flash, this is how the song was written (or should have been). It's straight up down to earth tell it like it is sophisticated and naive all rolled up and heart melting. Yes!

Don't take my word for it. Rachael is a Star!
Rachael Stokes You Tube Profile

There are some downloadable tracks over at her Myspace Site


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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Are ya'll hanging in there?

Thanks to Dava for sharing this wee gem. it's what I need about now.

and a track to settle you in by the fire.

Tá Sé 'na Lá by La Lugh from the album Senex Puer

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

St Patrick's Weekend

Well if there's no work then the party won't stop, will it now? Get a grip.
So here's a few things to get you in the mood. Some Songs and some Tunes. The Songs first.

These files will collapse in a heap on Sunday Morning on a riverbank somewhere shouting joyously at the drizzle. Slainté.

Mad Lady and Me by Jimmy McCarthy from the Song of the Singing Horseman which for such a great album is outrageously difficult to track down.
You Couldn't Have Come At A Better Time by Luka Bloom from "Riverside"
Solid Ground by Dolores Keane from Solid Ground
Daddy I'm Fine Sinéad O'Connor from "Faith and Courage"

And now the Tunes:

Reels:The Floating Crowbar, The Star Of Munster by Arty McGlynn from "McGlynn's Fancy"
Slip Jigs, Barney Brannigans and Beimíd Ag Ól by Micho Russell from "The Limestone Rock"
Cathals Favourite by Cian from the album "Three Shouts from a Hill"
Gorman's, The Dawn, Mrs Crehans reel by Matt Molloy and Sean Keane from "Contentment IS Wealth"
Calico by Flook from "Flatfish"

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Rob Carey Tonight

Just heard a few Rob Carey tracks on his Myspace page and there's another couple of tracks available for downlaod there.

so if any of you are near Staten Island tonight go along to his gig at The Cup for some inspiring "Man and Guitar" music.

I'll assume you can find it if you're near enough. I can't get a flight.

So, I'd tell you what I think but you don't wanna listen to me - listen to him:

Break Of Dawn MP3
Holy Now MP3

Thursday, March 01, 2007

MacIDOL Update

It's been a pretty mad month here by The Kingdom, working on an album of songs for the RPM Challenge a desperate attempt to write and record ten songs in a monthe and produce an album/CD and mail it to New Hampshire without losing your job or compromising your integrity in any way whatsoever. Except maybe in the last week. Needless to say we survived intact, and learned a few things along the way (keep all the mixes)

Here's a few songs to keep you goin'. And I'll be back with selections from the MacIDOL participants in a couple of days. That'll be a feast. Then we'll be back to normal broadcasting, whatever that is ... Oh Yeah! Old Timey.

tiny elvis
Sista Mac
Oh I laughed, and then some. Fun Fun Fun.

We'll All Fall Down
2nd Millenium Mersey beat, older and wiser and just as contagious. On tour in the UK soon. I'll let you know when he lets us know ;~) I'm hoping to make the Oxford gig.

Stupid w/toots
RC Andrews
Collaboration with James Bouchard - see below

James Bouchard
Hey! Touch base here. Listen up! Man tellin' the TRUTH here. "You won't find Hell, oh outside, Hell is all in your mind"

Miss Chaos is going from strength to strength, with vocals and lyrics by Regina Zernay. Feels like Medicine. One of those late night darkroomsway, oblivious, lone groove moments. Taste it.

Dave Jones
Saturday morning a bath and put this on repeat while he world goes to Hell. Enjoy! Steep.

National Pastime
Me and Boris the Bull a neat groove and a great vocal. been listening to this guys music for years , now, and I can't tell whether this is him or some old guy he taped doing MArlon Brando impersonations. Weird. It comes across like some Downtempo Studs Terkel workitonout. Deep.

Y got y Honey another James Bouchard Collab - this time Gilbert Nielson has laid some (completely off the cuff one take?) vocals which are weaving a word picture to rival Kerouac at his most observant. I'm blown by this tune!