Monday, May 21, 2007

MacIdol Monday Pt.1

I haven't been keeping up with these, so sorry if you're enjoying the selections, but I've been a bit sparse recently. I think the RPM Challenge, followed by six weeks of unseasonal sunshine, put my rhythms out, such as they were. Still hopefully I'll be able to get back to at least a monthly MacIdol update and a weekly look into whatever roots music is burning a hole in my brain.

For those of you who don't know, Macidol is a community of (fairly mad) musicians varying from hobbyists to yer actual gigging performers, who are constantly surprising me with great songs and tunes, and helping each other get the most out of their Apple software, and their various creative juices. And every so often I call out a few of the tracks I've enjoyed recently. There we are : Up to date! Or nearly.

First up is the song which spurred me to post, today. And I do mean spurred:

I like a good Murder Ballad. This one skirts the edges of the good times, like a stalker, ready to pounce.
The Last Song - slumbering

Be So Good - Cadman
Led by a great guitar sound (reminiscent of "Love is Strange" by Mickey and Sylvia) this is a wicked slice of Indie Pop.

The Last Chord - Red Sea Station
I just love the vocal sounds these guys get. More catchy neo-pop.

Freight Train - The Calculus Affair
The first track up from the Calculus' RPM Challenge CD and it's a beaut. Chunky guitars, rollin' keyboards and the film noir talk over sets the mood til the chorus takes off. Very Cool.

Carmen's Peak - B&Massa
Rearing up like some slovenly beast from the Revolver sessions, this one won't get out of my brain.

Snake River - Henry
Henry is popping up with some great Americana tales from Utah (and beyond) and I love the twists and turns in this one. Just when you think you know the story ...

39 Steps - MO
Classy guitar blues, perfect tone, perfect taste. I don't listen to much instrumental blues, except for MO.

Matter Rose - John Haydon
Collaborating with Margaret from Mr Airplane Man this is miles from her gritty Wolf inspired urban blues. A delightful ballad with some tasteful playing from John. (Not convinced, huh? ah well, you may never know ...)

Olives And Honey - Magritte
A newcomer collaborating very nicely with Kingdom favourite James Bouchard, this is a perfect spring love song and reminding me somehow of Bugsy Malone, one of my favourite soundtracks.

MacIdol Blues - HOKEYPOKEY
This one gets me every time. It's loop based, with "several slide banjos and an electric violin" and that either grabs you or else !!

Gaze At The Sun (ii) - The Qualified Superlatives
Here we have version2 of this discussion of the space between, the final test, and the combination of melancholy and Peace created is sublime. Deadman Turner and slumbering. Beautiful.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bo Diddley hospitalized.

I was just browsing, Officer, I didn't mean nothing, I just found it right there in the street.

In the street?

In the street!

Maybe somebody knows what this is. All I know is it's the kind of thing you don't get to see every day. Posted two days ago on YouTube.

Here's a track you don't hear so often.

1960, with Jerome green, Frank Kirkland and God only knows who else. Bo is a master.

UPDATE: AFAIK Bo had a stroke while on tour in Iowa. He played two shows last Saturday. TWO SHOWS! He's 78 for God's Sake! Then got taken to hospital. He's up and walking and as tough as they come. He was my first concert. 1978.

Whatever you gotta do, Bo. Godspeed.

latest info I can find from the Chicago Tribune


Saturday, May 19, 2007

I Can't Understand It - Willie Egans

As it says in this Obituary Krazy Kat released a bootleg LP of Willie Egans 50s material in 1982 and it caused quite a stir. Two respected collectors, Jim Raper and Pete Bowen, used to say "Stu. You've got no money. How can you think of collecting? Just buy the best stuff!" And one week they were telling me about this new LP release. "Rock'n'Roll Fever" "Well worth buying", they said. And it was.

So many people thought so, that Willie Egans was searched out, and brought to England to gig, recording a new album and a live concert (did that ever get released?) so the bootleg was good for him.

From that Krazy kat LP, some storming Louisiana R'n'B. Fortunately for you the material is available again on Signature:
Buy It Here and read their Willie Egans Bio.

And try these stomping tracks for size:

I Can't Understand It
Wear Your Black Dress


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Sunday, May 13, 2007

I Just Can't Seem To Drink you Off My Mind

Over at Big Rock Candy Mountain the work has been done. The votes have been counted, and some long forgotten tunes have resurfaced along with all their acoutrements, all those old memories you thought you'd grown out of, and put behind you. Or some of our favourite "stagger home from the bar marching melodies" are there too, shouting raucously down the street, and best of all are the "Party on Up" and get your ass moving into the Glorious River of Life (to mix a metaphor or two).

I'm speaking, of course, about the TOP 100 DRINKING SONGS OF ALL TIME, carefully arrayed in all their gory, I mean splendour.

Come Monday morning we all get back to the grindstone, and the LIST moves to the Barstool Mountain where anyone can comment, post, suggest and generally add to the Brouhaha

In celebration and a fit of coherence, I have selected my top ten songs that didn't make the list.

Closing Time - Leonard Cohen
Sunny Afternoon - thee Kinks
Women Drinking Whiskey - Michelle Moon
thee Boys From County Hell - thee Pogues
Whiskey and Rum - Shiloh Lindsey
Have A Drink On Me - Lonnie Donegan
My Old Kentucky Home - Ry Cooder
HonkyTonk Women - thee Rolling Stones
Woke Up This Morning - thee Alabama 3
I Shall Be Free - Bob Dylan

This tune came in at 141 on the list, though they were probably thinking of other versions:
Finegans Wake - slumbering (with Stuart Walker)
And if there are any other classics that you don't see on the lists, then get yourself over to Barstool Mountain and tell the world.

Sláinte !