Sunday, December 04, 2005

iFingers Tip

In The Beginning ... things were simple, and we knew what was what, when and with whom. Friends were friends forever, and the night lasted til the end of the following afternoon (or the beer ran out). Thunder arose out of the depths of a bad dream, and Music made sense of it all. So much to discover, a new surprise round any corner, eyes and ears straining at the leash, which brings me here.
Link Wray died last month (he's blessed, you know that already) and The Media Wench sent me to PCL Link Dump which told me that the definitive word would come from Reverend Frost. Looking Forward to that I thought. Then the world turned and the Good Reverend turned me on, lit me up and told me to Shimmie.
Go Forth and Blog.
Spread The Good Word. (he said). Amen. (I said).

Of course, as a new convert I'm uprighteously Devoted to You. And I want you to Hear This.
iFingers - Jerusalem Mourning MP3

iFingers by name and iFingers by nature, from the begining to the end, this is a Righteous Blues Groove. Get your free download here and I defy, DEFY I SAY, defy you to turn it off. Get away from that mouse! You want another one? Alright. Can You Hear The Silence?

Samples used in Jerusalem Mourning are from Polk Miller & his Old South Quartette in 1910 (and they were Old then!) Find it at the Uni of Santa Barbara Library Check it out.


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