Saturday, January 28, 2006

From A Coffin - slumbering

I first heard the etheric music of slumbering when she won 3rd place in Last years Song Competition. Only she was Mirienne, then. Now with a name change and some tidying of the slumbering music page I realised that all this time I was listening to the LoFi version of October, her competiton entry, when there was a glorious HiFi to be heard.

Now with her album "Dark Lullabies" half finished, here is a perfect example of her beautifully layered and enthralling music. And I do mean enthralling. Like bondage (for those of you who dabble) it's enticing, scary and mesmerising. There's no getting away from this one.
From A Coffin HiFi
From A Coffin LoFi

And a couple more now the taste is in your mouth ...

A Pool Of Tears
Ven Aqui


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