Wednesday, January 25, 2006

And The Damn Fools Keep Yellin'

If you ever get a chance, go and see Dick Gaughan. A troubadour in the songs, stories, jokes, and Heart tradition. He does have a penchant for protest songs, and says he only really writes his own songs when he's got something to vent.

Oh and apologies to all you American readers. Because of his outspokeness (and his loud voice) he can only get a visa for the States when there isn't a war on. So hardly ever. You can always come here and see him.

I was looking for a song that suited my mood after writing the last post about Wildfire Jo and Iraq - this hits the spot.
A Pete Seeger song recorded by Dick on his 1996 album Sail On

Knee Deep In The Big Muddy


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