Thursday, January 12, 2006

Katmandrews - your mind's a treasure

Rob Andrews just announced this collaboration with Katchoolik. Rob has a great ability to step into a character for a song, write lyrics, and come up a unique and catchy story. Over Katchooliks great guitar based track, by turns funky and rockin', have a listen to Pirates Of Katmandrews. EDIT Now in their collaboration Jamroom Katmandrews where you can stream the track Hifi or Lofi.

Hear more from Rob at Rob Andrews Music page. There is also Katchoolik's page to plunder!

"all souls top side for life's little lessons
quiet strength thrives in the rhythm of your heart
spendin time wisely between birth n death
tryin to figure out just who you really are

your mind's a treasure closest to the heavens as you'll get
your mind's a treasure one i hope you don't forget"


Blogger RC Andrews said...

Hey Stuman,
Johnny and I formed a collaboration band and moved this song to that jam room @

Thanks for the mention!


3:43 AM  

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