Sunday, December 18, 2005

Country Blues

I was down at my local independent record store today and they had a bunch of cheapo Country CDs. You could tell they were cheap coz the picture of the Carter Family was of four women. And the price (€4.99). I got A Lazy Farmer Boy in the Country Memories series (IECM20001/02) with tracks by Tennessee Ernie Ford, Gene Autry, Bob Wills (Brain Cloudy Blues), Hank Thompson (Humpty Dumpty Heart), Boots Woodall (Rattlesnakin' Daddy) amongst them but the thing that turned my ears around were the tracks by Kokomo Arnold, and Joe McCoy (with Memphis Minnie). Dang It! I thought this was a Hillbilly record.
So I looked more closely, Curley Weaver is in there on another volume. Excellent. This stuff doesn't turn up much in record fairs this side of the Atlantic. I'm gonna limit myself to one a week.

So hear for your delectation, and solace are a couple of great Country Blues tracks:

Kokomo Arnold - The Twelves
Pee Wee Hughes - Country Boy Blues

Not now - I'll tell you when .. Let's breakdown!


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