Thursday, December 08, 2005

The MelTones

Well if you've got your Brain in Gear, this will hit you like a brick. A Montreal Surf Band. Authentic, short, sharp, and it wasn't til I heard this that I understood the constantly changing nature of The Wave. A 33 track CD with Great reviews from New Gandy Dancer at a really friendly price? Grab your Wet Suit, this is a moment to be savoured.

I bought mine from iTunes Surf Sensation or read the blurb at LoveCat Records

For a totally complementary view of Surf Go Find The Great Documentary/travelogue Thicker Than Water (at Amazon)This was a joy to watch and made me reminisce for those Sunsets on the Beach watching the last waves lapping and folks carrying their clothes up to the road. Wondering if anyone was actually going to Drive home in their wetsuit? (This ain't California, yet! When you've seen the Ireland segments of the Film you'll know what I mean - watch the lads trying to jump off the cliff and getting blown back up - kites don't last long, here)


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