Saturday, December 10, 2005

My Baby Caught The Train ...

It's pure coincidence of course, but it's a year since I first posted up a song - over at (my other home) - it was for a competition and I had to download like mad to listen and vote on the other entries. I came 47th out of 51, but was I discouraged? No. (well yes actually) but folks were cool and there was a funny sense of cameraderie about the place so I hung around. It was fun, chatting about music and hearing songs being composed version by version or just being sprung up newborn.

So hear this one, just a few days old. Caught The Train MP3

Of course I don't sound like Howlin Wolf, but I think you might dig what happened!

I was messing round with a rhythm, and eventually got to hearing this Howlin Wolf type sound in my head. All my Wolf records are up in the attic, and no record player. So I'm working from a ten or twelve year old memory of Sam's Blues. A collection of recordings made by Sam Phillips (later to run Sun Records) of Howlin Wolf and Little Milton. Those first recordings of The Wolf had a warmth and freshness that knocked spots off some of his later Chess recordings. Willie Johnson on Guitar, and that voice, Yeaow! Go see Music You (Probably) Won't Hear Anywhere Else to hear a couple of those Wolf/Johnson tracks.


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