Saturday, January 14, 2006

Up in the Attic

I posted about The Swallows a few weeks ago and turned up some curious info on their recording sessions via Marv Goldberg's articles whence it seems that while on leave from the Marines Junior Denby was brought in to King's recording studio in Cincinatti. Henry Glover of King Records liked the Charles Brown style of Junior Denby. More about Charles Brown in a later post. In October 1952 he recorded a bunch of songs given him by Henry Glover with an unknown vocal group. My favourite, 'Trust Me' is written by Tomy Edwards (famous for his hit "It's All In The Game"). Junior Denby was surprised to find these tracks released as by The Swallows a few months later and the odd situation where records where coming out with tracks by completely different groups probably contributed to the groups break-up.

So I had to go up in the Attic and check. Here are the two sides of King 4656 so you can hear it for yourself:

Pleading Blues - The Swallows

Trust me - The Swallows


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