Tuesday, April 25, 2006

This Week's MacIDOL Update

I'm not lazy - I'm inundated LOL We've had a house full, and this is birthday week so quit your blabbing, cut me some slack, sit back and let your ears do the talking. We've got some goodies, I tell ya! AND I'm reposting it since yesterdays Blogspot outage caused mayhem throughout the known universe. So there.

slumbering - I Can't Contain Myself MP3 This has got more heart than we deserve, all wrapped in that great strolling rhythm. Perfect.

Sp3ccylad - Surely MP3 The avant pop savant excels himself with this Beatles/Squeeze flavoured tune but the story is all his own. I love those harmonies. And those solos ... wicked!

B&Massa - Kilroy's Blues MP3 The man himself stretching out on a blues workout reminiscent of Nickel Creek. Great stuff.

Octafish - Traveller MP3 Psychedelic Ambient Funk indeed

aka Gumbo - My Baby Kissed Bo Diddley MP3 "A rockin little record I want my Jockey to play" For Lofi buffs. A true story, apparently ...

Karen Link - It's About Time MP3 Time for everything. Make it.

Genevieve Donaldson - The Little Things MP3 Hard hitting funky New Country from OZ. Watch this gal.

John K Connection - Drink MP3 A little dark side for ya.


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