Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Monday MacIDOL Update, pardon?

There has been such an influx of great music at MacIDOL.com this last week or so, I don't know where to start. Oh yes I do!
Sp3ccylad - You Don't Own Me MP3
More from the Avant Pop Savant, finely crafted simple punchy Pop music. I said it before and I'll say it again: "Kirsty McCall meets the Stone Roses". Yum.

Baroolyo - Calm Down Everybody MP3
Tight as a drum reggae based tune from the exciting newcomers Baroolyo. If this doesn't get you groovin you need to listen to:

Jenkins McKenzie - Baby I'm Your Man MP3
and try and keep a straight face. I managed 38 seconds. This guy knows how to enjoy himself!

RC Andrews - Freak (Stream)
I love it when Rob just gets down with that fancy six string and cuts loose with the sassy vocals. Great singer, good song.

Scott Savalo - Blood In The Oil MP3
Scott has a sleeper with this one. It creeps up on you PoliticoBlues and some nice slide guitar. Tell it like it is.

The Fritters - Let's Go Out MP3
I just love this duo.

aka Gumbo - So Long MP3
Rockabilly tinged country tune. "Dear John You're Gone". Don't look back.

Kaabel - Future Weather Conditions MP3
Some very classy old school tripping.

Talkin Ape - Nudism MP3
Classic funky beats from the Talkin Ape.

SistaMac - Wingwalker MP3
Sista Mac's beautiful voice and guitar gets me every time. This is a beaut.


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