Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Blind Willie McTell

Blind Willie McTell is another one of my heroes. For anyone who was interested he would record songs under new and ever more colorful names until 1937, when he stopped recording for eleven years, playing for tips wherever he went. He was married to Kate McTell for twenty five years, somehow knowing she would outlive him (well just listen to her on the wonderfully outspoken "God Don't Like It (and I don't either)") I think some of his best work are those duets with Kate.

God Don't Like It MP3

The next song is one of those bragging bar-room "I'm in town for the night and i want to know if anyone will sleep with me" songs, with some great lyrics.

I went down to the shed
with my suitcase in my hand
a crowd of women run crying
say Mr Mac won't you be my man

There is a beautiful mix of jaunty almost ragtime guitar, and McTell's melancholy vocals. He really swings. Halfway through this track it just lifts and carries you with it. Swingin' Yeah!

Lord, Send Me An Angel MP3

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