Monday, March 06, 2006

Carl Perkins 1956 TV appearances.

1956 - Carl Perkins' song Blue Suede Shoes, was number one in the Pop, R'n'B and Country charts all at the same time, the first song to do that, selling more than a million copies on Sun Records. RCA must have wondered whether they'd signed the right boy in young Elvis Presley, whose Heartbreak Hotel was released a week later. They are seen here signing autographs for each other!

50 years ago today Carl would have been planning the drive up to New York for TV appearances. In mid-march their car hit a truck and Carl and his brother, Jay, were injured. WS Holland tells the story, as related by Wanda Feathers (Yes, Charlie's daughter) Apparently in the clip below, Jay (on the right playing rhythm) is wearing a brace on his neck. Everything I've read this morning implies that they didn't make the show, so I guess it was rescheduled. Here is a clip from the Perry Como Show.

You can see more at including Your True Love and Matchbox. Check out the related videos on the right.

Carl's Sun and Columbia Discography


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