Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Killbillies

Just came across this band over at and their vocalist Eve Hell, has got the Spirit. My fave of hers is Luv'n' a 45, and in there with the "songs about chicks, cars and death" are the vocal chords of a diva, a turner of heads, this gal will reach out and grab you by the ears. They are well on the way to getting their CD in the post, and have found their niche with their beloved rockabilly mayhem. The new recordings are made with Eve on Upright Bass, Mike on Guitar and vocals, and Don on drums and vocals. At the risk of being an unfriend of the boys, I'm hanging out to hear Eve's new tracks, keep your eye on this band, and their Kill Billies MySpace site.

Luv 'n a 45 is still up at The Killbillies -

There is also a gory film called Killbillies Film which they do not star in. Shame.


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