Sunday, February 12, 2006

Monday MacIdol Update

We've got a power cut here today, so I'm watching the clock on my laptop battery. Here are some of my favourite new tracks posted this week at in no particular order

James Bouchard has a totally new take on the traditional song popularised by Ralph Stanley.
O Death MP3

Frenz has a new comedy tune up:
Guys Like Me MP3

aka Gumbo has a whimsical country blues for children!
Come Back Rosie (MP3)

Katie Uppuluri has a great Down Tempo exposé about Fear (mp3)

Paul Brazier has a wonderful guitar driven late 60s BritPop offereing with Mrs Jones (MP3)

Maggie Osterberg has the deep down dirty on The Last Two Drops. A late Night Bohemian tango that connects directly to those last lingering brain cells and wrings the bottle.


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