Monday, February 06, 2006

Rob Andrews' MBOC E-Zine

I know this is up in my Links but it's good one this month (i'm not in it). Go See!

Robert Andrew's My Best Of Collection

Rob does a regular as clockwork monthly summary of his favourite music being posted up on or dug up from the archives (over 8000 songs to choose from). Some of the best free music on the Web, almost all made with Apple's GarageBand multitrack recording software.

Check out Rob's collaborations with other Internet artists in his jamroom, and as a taster listen to the groovy Hot As Hades MP3
Rob is re-recording a lot of his tunage as we speak I'll sure let you know when the great unveiling happens.


Blogger RC Andrews said...

hey brothaman,
thanks fo da plug n linkage!! Very cool :)


p.s. i will let ya know when Coffee Shop Prohet comes back from mastering. hopin fo early april 2006 :)

9:32 PM  

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