Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Scotious - Midnight Train

This is one (actually two) of my favourite tracks from MacIDOL.com. Scotious is an acousticly orientated Love music. In the sense that this Mann's fingers Love to play, and his daughter Ruth, has that lilting effortless voice that you'll love from the first. Together they put me in mind of early Rickie Lee Jones, and the instrumental 'Worlds Apart" is a breath of fresh air on a hot summer night. Enjoy
Midnight Train
Half a Hurricane HiFi
Worlds Apart

'Midnight Train' was once known as 'I am Out', and is lofi with a Hifi in the Jamroom, below. 'Worlds Apart' also has a Hifi available there, while 'Half a Hurricane' is Hifi already (6.6MB)
Get em now before you have to buy them, and then go and demand a CD full.

Scotious' Jamroom

If you're looking for Jingles for your new Podcast then check out Royalty Free Jingles where Scott has a great selection of beautifully played and mastered made to order samples, which come in at 60 second or 30 second formats in AIFF, WAV, or MP3


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