Monday, January 30, 2006

Trainsongs 1 - The MacIdol Station

There is a new variation on the MP3 Blog over at Shake Your Fist Train Song Appeal. So 'hear' are the first batch from

Fosco's Jamroom contains his excellent harmonica instrumental which has more power and energy than any number of them new fangled Diesel Locomotives. This one won't stop. Give a listen to Last Train Out.

Frogmorton's Jamroom is the home of Boston Folk Singer Matt Griffin, and here is his wonderful neo-folk cowpunk ballad about the The Boston and Maine of his youth.

Gravy Train is part of the excellent "Risen and Proved" song cycle now happening in B&Massa's Jamroom

And in aka Gumbo's Jamroom a couple of train related tracks from yours truly, in a good old fashioned Rockin' Stylee:
Caught The Train
Three Men Does

Check Out the Jamrooms, send a message if you're moved to, hell, go see a gig. Even if it means crossing an Ocean or two to do it ...


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