Monday, January 30, 2006

Slumbering 2

Hot on the heels of Saturdays' slumbering post Boston songsmith 'Me and Boris The Bull' has released a new song, Slumbering

He says, "This is a piece i've been playing for a while now and have wanted to put down. I really like the word "slumbering" and the images that come along with it. The direction of the piece and the namesake of it go out to MacIdol's own Slumbering. It's not about her, by any means, but rather how her wonderful music and voice always convince me to revisit how I create my own music, especially my own voice, which I have never been very keen on. To her, this tune is dedicated! thanks, Slumbering!
"Also, this song was influenced by MacIdol members Maggie Osterberg and Paul Brazier, whose unique stylings come out of places that I not only don't consider, but that I didn't even know existed. Thanks to you two!

"The greatest thing, by far, about this community is the influence people have on each other for the sake of creating art and music. Encouraging, inspiring, and communicating ideas for the birth of new, fresh, and unforeseen ideas. I love it. i hope you enjoy the song."

Check out Me and Boris The Bulls' Jamroom


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