Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Haunted By Their Dreams

I had a Dream last night.

Well it was last Thursday actually but this is The Media, right?

I had a Dream last Thursday.

We were at a party, and weaving in between the dancers were the Souls of theDeparted.

They were Scxreaming.

Nobody noticed.
(Except me. My hair was standing on end.)

It was one of Those Dreams.

I managed to save you some:

Haunted By Their Dreams MP3
aka Gumbo's Jamroom


Anonymous slumbering said...

Sounds like such a scary dream... but i'm glad you brought something so awesome back from it ;) ;) ;) Wonderful!

6:41 AM  
Blogger The DoorKeeper said...


Thanks for listening there, slumbering.
Yes. Scary in the sense of feeling like there is no help where so much seemed to be needed. Jeez - I don't wanna end up like that. i read a couple of books that touched on this subject last year. Philip Pulman (His Dark Materials trilogy) and Ursula LeGuin (the other wind from The Earthsea Series) There is a project for the weekend.

You got any new music coming along? I sure hope so ...

9:37 AM  

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