Thursday, March 02, 2006

Higher Than Time

I'm On My Way To Heaven (don't you want to go) to see the Waterboys tonight at the Glór theatre, Ennis. But you can get the Spirit hear right now. Check out On My Way To Heaven MP3

And my friend, Shirley, has tweaked my ear to know that the support band Gugenheim Groto are great, too. I love surprises. Check out their MP3 page.

Back in the mists of time, I rememeber hearing the first two Waterboys albums in a feast of Love, Life, and New Music, in the mid 80's (what else was there in the mid 80s?) and being totally captivated by the Full On Steam Ahead attitude of the band. And the Spirit they purveyed. The whole 'Who the fuck knows about Heaven' is essential in their music. Call it Spiritual Punk and I'll salute you. They had the Grace to drop out of the Stadium Rock circuit, hire a house in Galway, and make the most sublime music with 'Fisherman's Blues', and they succeeded at every level. My hats are off to Ye, lads.

For some reason I want you to hear Somebody Might Wave Back MP3 .... Oh yes ... it is a Train Song. London to Ayr, and time to cultivate the Mystical Space between the two.


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