Friday, March 17, 2006

Paddy Is NOT At Work Today

St Patricks Day Special: Murphy's Bricks MP3 to put you in the mood for a bit of fun. Wear something green.

Ger Wolfe is a native of Cork. That ought to be enough to make you listen, but there's more. Somehow he manages to make some of the most subime and timeless music I've ever heard. Music from another age, rural music, and just the thing to make you notice the day for the first time. No matter how your day is going. This music helps you smile at people. It makes room in your heart.

Here are a couple of tracks from his 2002 album Ragged Ground. The exciting news is he will have a new album out on the 24th of March. Titled The Velvet Earth.

AND you can see him almost anywhere in Ireland over the next couple of months. Well worth the airfare.

The Curra Road MP3
The Holy Ploughland MP3


Blogger Uiscebot said...

ger wolfes the curra road is amazing - but i cant find it anywhere!!!!

11:17 AM  

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