Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Hey Jeb!

I heard it from Shiloh Lindsey. And when Shiloh tells you, you'd better do it!

Go See Swank!

So I took the quick road to Kilkenny and got in before dark. Sat watching the rain til it stopped and then made my way up to Paris, Texas. The guys were setting up and they looked a bit subdued, but I didn't know they'd just flown in today. Lost guitars en route and generally had a fine time of it. They soon got into the groove though, and the place was packed to the gills. And what a great show. Gritty blues and stompin country all influenced i guess by that thriving Vancouver Punkabily scene. They got an edge alright!

I realise (since I bought their complete back catalogue) that they played tons of there own stuff and a smattering of blues and country covers (Screamin' Jay's 'Little Demon' and Little Wille John's 'Leave My Kitten Alone', and some obscure Johnny Cash number about Folsom Prison ;~) In the first set they switched around with the drummer and second guitar player trading places for a few songs, while lead player, Doug switched to banjo. The bass player had a bass banjo which there may well be a proper name for, but who cares, he laid down a solid backbeat and was much appreciated.

You can get a selection from their albums off of their Myspace site including the 'Hey Jeb (with intro)'. I love this song - it deserves to be a tearaway success - somebody is gonna have the balls to pick it up and run with it, the crowd loved it too, especially the guy with the crewcut who kept holding up his hand - he could see four of everybody in the band I'm sure.

During the second set Luke from Leafhound guested on guitar and shifted the balance yet again into a very cool Creedence Clearwater type sound. People were still trying to get in off the street, but the night was drawing to a close, and they finished off with a riproaring 'I Saw The Light' which did my heart good, I can tell you.

I left town northwest along the river straight for that huge crescent moon sitting on the horizon, passed the Devil's Bit and headed West into the night.

If ever you get the chance to see 'em you take it, y'hear. They're in the UK next week (see the myspace site again), and the rest is up to you.
What? Oh! OK Listen up! Time is short, and we ain't been behavin', and the Big Man ain't far away. Ever

How Do We Do MP3 You can still see the Great video animation for this track at their (you guessed it) Myspace site.

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Dublin photographer Jeannie Wenham was at the gig and very kindly sent us these two shots of the boys in action.
(ph. +353 86 351 4303 - email jeanniew@o2.ie)


Blogger slumbering said...

You heard it from Shiloh?! Woohoo!

I love them, "Hey, Jeb" is fun and hilarious and it rocks!

Yay! You find the best stuff, Stu! :D

2:41 AM  
Blogger The DoorKeeper said...

YES! I wish more folks was lookin for The Best Stuff ;~)

12:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved 'em! It was a corkin' good time! Swank really put some socks in it! I bought all 3 of their discs and love 'em all! GO SEE Swank!


1:01 PM  

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