Sunday, May 14, 2006

MacIDOL Update

Me and Boris The Bull - Sable For George MP3
This is a mesmerising Ambient Folk track with artist 'Me and Boris The Bull' stretching back into his roots. A "heartful tale of two old friends, grinding through the world trying to make some sense of it all." The song art (above) is by George Selleck, which might help you make sense of the title. Sense isn't high on my list here though. Bask in it.

Joanna Sandsmark - Whiskey Neat, Water Back MP3 part two of a trilogy of Barroom tales has Joanna in her element, ready for anythink. Gotta love that voice.

aka Gumbo - Warmongers MP3 A Peace Camp at the Gates of Heaven. A Delta Blues for the Dead.

And at the other end of the musical sp3ctrum is the burlesque of Love Theme for the Deputy Prime Minister MP3 by Sp3ccylad (as far as I know it's unrequited but we shall keep you posted).

Frogmorton (Matt Griffin) - I Got Trouble! MP3
Driving blues based rock, and driving somewhere hot 'cause it sure cooks.

B&Massa - A Gallant Attempt At Immortality MP3 I was going to post B&Massa's Dark DownTempo 'InshAllah' but he knocked us for a six with this gloriously catchy new tune. So check his Jamroom if you're missing out.

MUDBABY - Dreamcatcher MP3 This band are just bliss. Thanks for the reminder Dava.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for the plug, Gumbo! You rule, as always! -- Frog

9:10 PM  
Blogger The DoorKeeper said...

Blimey - where've you been?

You're in the next one too. Playing Bass.

Check back in an hour. Make that an hour and ten - dinners nearly ready

- The DoorGumkeeperbo-whoojy

I love the way - when you get the word verification thingy wrong, that it gives you an easier one haha - thank goodness

10:14 PM  

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