Saturday, May 06, 2006

Sweet Baby Doll

Johnny and Dorsey Burnette came out to Los Angeles in 1957 after the break up of The Rock'n'Roll Trio. They decided to sit on Ricky Nelson's porch til he came home. Nobody seems to know how long that took, but it worked. Ricky recorded several of their songs, and they became known around his Imperial label, and released a single as the Burnette Brothers (Warm Love/My Honey). Dorsey stayed on as a solo artist, and Johnny went with Freedom Records. They were still working very much together as songwriters and musians, and you can hear the songs from this era on the Rockstar CD The Burnette Brothers and Wampus Cat at Raucous Records

Here are a couple of Johnny's singles from Freedom

Sweet Baby Doll MP3
Me And The Bear MP3

If you're suitably impressed/rich etc then check out the Complete Johnny Burnette recordings at Amazon

There is a wonderful article about the Trio recording with Owen Bradley at Rockabilly Central based on interviews with Paul Burlinson, and another interview with Paul at Vintage Guitar where he tells about playing guitar for Howling Wolf


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Great stuff---we really could use a teen idol like Ricky Nelson these days--the guy had great taste in musicians.


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