Friday, July 14, 2006

Bastille Day

I have no idea how Breton band Manau (la reference de rap celtique) would feel about being representitive for France on this, their National holiday, but I care not because they sound right. I first heard them a few years ago on a trip to Bretagne, in NorthWest France, they were on the radio, sure, but more importantly they were being sung in cafe's, on pavements, bars, outside churches, every so often we would hear a snatch of a chorus from La Confession or another catchy tune as a group of youths walked by .... amidst the glitzt europop of the day it felt like a revolution.

Mesdames et messieurs. Approchez de l’action
Ne soyez pas nerveux. Ne faites plus attention.
Mesdames et messieurs. Approchez de l’action
Et venez écouter la dernière confession.

Ladies and Sirs. Approach the action
Don't be nervous. No second thoughts.
Ladies and Sirs. Approach the action
And come to listen to the last confession.

La Confession by Manau
Un Mauvais Dieu by Manau

The Storming of the Bastille is the focus of today's celebration, and the keys to the Bastille were entrusted to Tom Paine about whom Dick Gaughan said "he was responsible for more revolutions than anyone else, ever".

Tom Paine's Bones MP3 by Dick Gaughan


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