Monday, July 10, 2006

Monday Morning Afternoon MacIDOL Roundup (part 1)

Songalong with MO MP3 by slumbering with MO A match made in Heaven. slumbering's gorgeous vocal with Mark's sinuous guitar. This is so sensual.

Listening Dream MP3 by AkA Gumbo
Venture into the wind in this story and soundscape - a deceptively simple lullaby recorded with slumbering

See? MP3 by Chris Cooke and as he puts it: Like many of my songs, this one has a gimmick. Can you spot it?

Chosen Silence by Frogmorton
Frogmorton (aka Matt Griffin) has long been a favourite artist of mine, and here is his latest folk outing. That's his Hounds and Fox song art up there.

Lift The Curtain by Grady Nickel
Very crisp country tune from Georgia, USA

Funky Meeoooow MP3 by BananaKiller
Solid Funky Fun from the master. Take Fun!

And there's no download for this one but you can stream it with Quicktime:
Carlos Allende by Van Der Waal


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