Sunday, July 09, 2006

Tuwa's Shanty and The Roots Canal

I have been enjoying Tuwa's Shanty and The Roots Canal and the tracks Tuwa and rosswords have been posting.

At the moment you can hear two great versions of Downhome Girl (also recorded by The Coasters.

Check the Archives, too. And special mention is due for The Voot Article. A gem of investigative Music Blogging.

And also catching my ear tonight is CountryGrrl over at BlueSkies has an alternate take of what is possibly my favourite Bob Dylan track, Simple Twist Of Fate. And a You Tube of Bob performing the song more recently.

And if you're still with time on your hands then Check out The Soul Detective and follow the trail.

INFO: is down since last night, I'll post when it's back up and running, but in the meantime the songs posted here from MacIDOL are temporarily beyond. Who will upload the first new song after the outage??
UPDATE: seems to be back up now


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