Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Update Time!

The Monday MAcIDOL Update is evolving into the Every Other Monday MacIDOL Update, which is especially true in the Up'n'coming as I'm away next weekend. So Adjust your straps accordingly and get your ears on coz the gangs all here.

Maggie Osterberg - An Appointment MP3
A deep and righteous groove, with Maggie's characteristically rich soundscape.

Me And Boris The Bull - Lighthouse Made Of Gold MP3 'A demo' he said but who cares when it's this good.

KATCHOOLIK - Dreaming MP3 Down Tempo from the Soul.

Sp3ccylad - I Fall Through Clouds MP3 Damn. Another great driving song. Is Summer on the way or what? This is something of a homage to the Fab Four circa Revolver and as fresh as fuck. Wonderful.

MUDBAY - EL MP3 Check Out this group. Their jamroom is chock full of ambient goodness.

RC Andrews and Matt Griffin - Greyhound Run MP3 This has all the right grooves for me - wonderful mix and funked up the kind of Southern Rock Tom Petty would be envious of, plus Matt Griffin's great bass playing.

Ed Dobeas - Crystal Moments MP3 This is beautiful. Lovely texture from the acoustic guitar and Ed's voice, combine into a joyful, happy and above all uplifting tune.

aka Gumbo - Under That Hood MP3 A slice of raw rockabilly from aka Gumbo ... I love this stuff, and why not!

Ruthie - My Short Boyfriend MP3 This is a treat. I hope you appreciate it. Ruth was/is the vocalist on Midnight Train for you regulars. This was her messing about in her dad's studio, composing as she went. Watch this Gal!


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