Monday, August 07, 2006

MacIDOL Updaterater ...

Dance of the Spirits of Water by MidiOrleans A blissful rendition of this piece written by Gustav Holst.

You Belong To me by Lust and Death
Dark and disturbing. Riding some deep vein of the Human condition, and backing it up with thrilling melodies. Do I like?

I Know The Way by slumbering slumbering has a new song up. Always a joy to hear, and this short piece is beautiful. Hopefully there'll be an album soon (wishful thinking on my part). Check out her music page if you haven't already.

The Standard Model by if:then:go
Gentlemen by if:then:go

if:then:goto really got my attention with this first track of chilled Indie pop, and the second is great too. Watch this space ...

Bombs by Red Sea Station Speaks for itself. A Bit of Detroit Americana mixed in with North Carolina lo-fi, filtered through some San Diego surf, Alphabet City Swagger and Glasgow on a Sunday (it says here !)

Sorry I left Ya Baby by Cecil Reynolds Cecil has got a great voice and a sweet guitar. I love this one. Country Blues from Texas.

Iridium Flare by Peter Greenstone Peter has long been a favourite artist here at the Kingdom and I'm rating this right up at the top of his game


Blogger slumbering said...

Thank you, sweet Stu, you are too kind. <3

There's another really great song at MacIDOL, too:


6:14 PM  
Blogger Chris (CPAOI) said...

Nice. Thank you for posting Red Sea Station. I've done a bit of homework on them and they are simply amazing. I'll be keeping my eye on this blog.

8:29 PM  

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