Friday, July 21, 2006

Living in Stereo - War! Good God!

Living In Stereo has today posted versions of the Tamla=Motown Classic written by Barrett Strong-Norman Whitfield. Living In Stereo is fast becoming one of my favourite Blogs after their great post about Mavis Staples, the other day. (Are you following this?)
I'm starting to get the Stereo image, too. Not just surround sound but the duality of being human, being esconced in delightful everything at your fingertips internet, and having access to information from places you might not want to think about, the dilema of the craziness of War, and the need to stand up and defend yourself, your beliefs, and your family.

Go there, download the music. Pick your favourite version, and blast it from the car, or your bedroom window, or take some speakers onto the train, or ring your local radio station and request, or buy it as a present for your friends, just in pure hedonistic relief that they are still alive, and that the families and friends being killed today aren't yours.

Good God!


Anonymous David Cantwell said...

Thanks for all the nice things you've been saying here about Living in Stereo. I'll add a link to Doors at my site before the month's out.

And I love what you say about the LIving in Stereo image. I'm going to have to steal that!!!
THanks. --David

10:19 PM  

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