Saturday, July 15, 2006

More great New MacIDOL tracks

Feelin Good About Love by Me And Boris The Bull A storming bubblegum (thanks, Kilroy) pop tune with Boris' lyrics catching you unawares and lifting the whole thing onto another plane. And then a chorus that never lets go. Listen once, that's all it'll take.

Jollof Rice by Dave Jones Dava is exploring his beloved African rhythms and laying down an uplifting ambient track featuring marimba.

The King Of Lies by Karen Link Karen is rocking out here, and stretching the dark and thinning it out. it's got that great Led Zep III feel, and all with a guitar, flute and voice - I love this.

Something About Her by Jiguma Now I tell you name dropping Dylans 'Visions of Johanna' and then giving us the medieval mystery tour, gets me intrigued straight away, and the Spector/Wall of Sound via the Pet Shop Boys coupled with that rolling rythm and slick production gets me listening to this over and over.

Yesterday's Slave by Air Force One Chilling out in your own reverie. Whether you're up in the mountains watching the sunset or crossing Times Square in a dream, "My mind won't fit in my head", this is a great backdrop.

Smokerings by The Sunray Estate And just when you thought I was gonna let you off - here's a slice of ace indie pop, and there's a ton more at their other site Check em out.


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