Tuesday, October 03, 2006

MacIDOL Radio

I have just spent the last couple of hours compiling the MacIDOL Artists featured (so far) at The Kingdom. Or at least here by The Door.

Nothing fancy just yet. You can Browse a 50 song Playlist here and try out individual tracks, EDIT - actually you can't which is a surprise, but the Player link below works for me. Leave a comment if you have Bad News messages from that one, and i'll see what I can do with the Playlist link.

or you can just launch a random 50 song player in your browser window (unless you're setup to do that in a Music app on your chosen interweb surfing machine).

B&Massa is offering to codify a simple interface just as soon as I tip him the word. Watch this space.

Speaking of watching this space, is there really that many of you out there? I've watched the webcounter go through about 3000 hits in the last hour. Can't be right. Well. If it is I'd better put some more tunes up, eh?


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