Saturday, August 26, 2006


I've been noticing more and more people being forced by their feelings to post songs about what they hear happening in Arabia. Here is a selection of some recent tunes and the comments of the Artists.

Blown Away by jiguma
We have a long-time friend who came to Australia in the 70s to escape war in Lebanon he married a school friend of ours. Jim is a successful Lebanese Australian who has given a lot to the community, worked hard and done well for himself he is one of the most decent people I know. His extended family left Lebanon at roughly the same time as he did to Paraguay, Australia, the US and other countries where they were offered a safer existence.

On asking how his family was this week, I learned that some had returned to Beirut after the hostilities subsided over recent years because it was safe and because it had become possible to live a normal life there. Im talking about mainstream, hard working, decent folk here. His niece Zeinab, her husband and their baby twin daughters are stuck in a suburb of Beirut where Israeli bombs are being directed as I write this they are terrified but OK at the moment. She is a young woman the same age as my daughter and I cry for her and her family.

Torture by Stuart Walker aka Gumbo
Listening to the news, trying to imagine being at home 'comforting' my family while my town was under seige.

Sometimes you just get tired of people killing people on your behalf.

Stop it.

The White Flag Of Peace by B&Massa
I reckon 21C is too impatient for an answer blowin' in the wind, my friends. There isn't time to waste waiting, we need action, peaceful action, but action. The Blowin' In The Wind for today needs to be stirring, powerful, hand-on-chest stuff. Mocking miltarism, yet using the good points of discipline and commitment to show we want change. The White Flag Of Peace is rooted strongly in the concept of a trade union choir - a simple melody, easily harmonised on, forgiving when the harmonies go wrong. The lyrics are stirring, and take back the flag of losers as a symbol of victory in refusing to fight. Imagine a street full of people marching under a flag that is all colours together with one voice, a white flag held high, against the Blue Sky of hope. It's a bit rough, but gives you the idea, it's a marching song for peace, it's not meant to be sung perfectly, it's meant to be sung with passion and commitment ;)

Endo La Wurl by Talkin Ape
I really feel that we and all our animal friends are on our way out... and I fear, in my lifetime!

Jeez Louise! by Me and Boris The Bull
i try to avoid being political in my music, but i'm just awfully sad and sick to see that we are still caught up in this ugly, bloody conflict over "the black."

i wrote this song with our young soldiers in mind, travelling over the ocean to distand lands. many will not find their way back. and it hurts to think about it.

i recorded this very quickly this morning in about 1-2 hours. god bless everyone who is sent to fight. they are proud and brave and believe. i can only respect, honor, and admire them, though i don't agree with what they are doing.

Keep On Running by Jack Miller
This is a song (Jack) wrote and began recording about a month ago. The lyrics grew out of the heartache that is coming out of the recent war situation in the Middle East. It is neither pro-this group or anti-that group. I just got to thinking how much man keeps on messing up... again and again.


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