Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bo Diddley hospitalized.

I was just browsing, Officer, I didn't mean nothing, I just found it right there in the street.

In the street?

In the street!

Maybe somebody knows what this is. All I know is it's the kind of thing you don't get to see every day. Posted two days ago on YouTube.

Here's a track you don't hear so often.

1960, with Jerome green, Frank Kirkland and God only knows who else. Bo is a master.

UPDATE: AFAIK Bo had a stroke while on tour in Iowa. He played two shows last Saturday. TWO SHOWS! He's 78 for God's Sake! Then got taken to hospital. He's up and walking and as tough as they come. He was my first concert. 1978.

Whatever you gotta do, Bo. Godspeed.

latest info I can find from the Chicago Tribune



Blogger m said...

Hey Stu

thanx for leaving the comment on my site and yer concern about the pre dawn park visit, which went ok

RE: Hank Ballard

While Ohio based King was Hank's label & released Hank's most famous record the's true the version I have posted on my site is the version he recorded for Vee Jay

it's just that Vee Jay decided against releasing it...

detailed here

and the rest is history, even if obscure

11:07 AM  
Blogger Mysti Mayhem said...

This is my video. Bo is a good friend and he was kind enough to sing to me for my birthday. You can read more about me here:

Bo is a wonderful man and I am glad you liked the video.

5:53 PM  

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