Thursday, March 29, 2007

John Campbell

I was perusing Home Of The Groove yesterday digging the ShooRah tracks, and bemoaning the missing of the Papa Mali tracks.

Dan said "Papa Mali offers a worthy modern day expression of the sanctified psychedelic hoodoo of Dr. John’s early days, as captured on the Gris Gris album of the late 1960’s. This man learned serious stuff from the late John Campbell, a blues/voodooist so intense that it still spooks me to listen to his records."

My ears must have jumped, though I was still too busy moaning to notice. So today I spotted the name in the listings, John Campbell. Voodoo?


Have yourselves a read of this at Jefitoblog

I haven't even heard them yet. I want us to listen together.

No. Of course I'm not scared.
The very idea.

Ok I'm listening, now. What are you waiting for?

I was wondering what I could post up with this, what would be fitting? Something Dark, and Deathly, filled with Fire and Rage, and full of disdain for the mores of surrounding mortals.

Ah yes. Joyce Green. Black Cadillac released on Arkansas label Vaden in 1959 or 60.

Anyone know anything about her?



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