Saturday, January 13, 2007

Glen Glenn

Everybody's Movin' MP3
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One Cup Of Coffee MP3

Rockabilly Hall Of Fame

Glen Glenn's recordings stand out in the annals of 50s Rockabilly for a sound that you didn't hear anywhere else. Pared down, passionate, with a snappy simple sound, his recordings were earthy and raw but crisp and clean and right up in your face.

Glen was a cousin of Porter Wagoner, and toured with the Maddox Brothers (and Rose) in the mid fifties who could rock it up in their own way, but Glen's musical life turned around in 1956 when he met Elvis after a show in 1956. He didn't find a label for his music until late in 1957 because "I wanted to start on a fairly large company, so I didn't even take my records to a small company. Era had a lot of hits at that time, so they had a good distributor".
It backfired though, because in the meantime he had been drafted and was in the army for two years after his first record was released, unable to gig or promote his local hits.

As you might not be surprised to learn having heard his crisp recordings, he went on to a succesful career in Movie sound production so his name might be familiar if your the type who sits in the theatre til it's empty, hoping to see the film again.

Since his resurgence as a performer (culminating in a shared billing with Bob Dylan in 1995 - see the Hall of Fame link) started because of a record released from a little shop round the back of Camden Tube station in 1977 you should shout HALLELUJAH! and go buy a decent collection from Ace Records. Well done, Ted.


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