Sunday, October 22, 2006

Samhain new Moon

October by slumbering

October, October
Warmer and colder
Summer is over
But she'll keep the Sun
In her big, black cauldron
Tis the season
For death and the night
So say the spell
Make the ghosts tell

Circle the stones
Dance with the bones
Follow the shadows
On All Hallow's Eve
Happily we grieve
Drink to the Dead
In October

When the Sun has just gone down
It is time
To sing the rhyme
Bring them out

Orange glowing embers light our way to November

Waltz through the stones (Through the stones)
Dance with the bones (With the bones)
Death is romancing (It's romance!)
A nightmare perchancing (Spin...)
Spin like the leaves ( the leaves)
Drink to our friends
Who met their ends

When the Moon glows in the sky
Do they fly?
In the sky...

Circle the stones (Circle the stones)
Dance with the bones (Dance with the bones)
Take Death's hand (Take his hand)
To Underland (Underland)
Raise up a glass (First do no harm)
To souls who have passed (Now work the charm)
Drink to the Dead (Make a toast)
Drink to the Dead (To the ghost)
In October, in October

Ooh, October...


Blogger slumbering said...

What a lovely surprise, i feel so happy that you put this up, sweet Stu <3

1:33 AM  

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