Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My Dream App (or what do you get if you cross a guitar tuner with a dictation machine and feed it to a MIDI engine?)

Sorry about the post title - I'm getting carried away - but I have WIFI and I can still type


Where was I?

Oh Yes.

Any moment now (Wednesday and Thursday) the voting will reopen at My Dream App .com

There is a competition on the go as we speak and the prize is for a newbie developer to have their application idea put into practice. Actually up and running made.

There are 12 no, 9 contestants left out of 2700 and this is semi-final week.

Now to business.

We all love music. Some of us are musicians. Some of us not. All of us get tunes in our heads from time to time, and then (if we're lucky) get them stuck there for a while. Sometimes the best we can do is to hum them or go "La La La La Lah Dúm DúM Tisssh!" happily to ourselves (or even to goofy friends).

Wouldn't it be great if we had a Muso friend who really listened. Like they cared or something. AND THEN ...

they write it down see, or play it on a keyboard and say "that sounds like this - do you want that as a trumpet or an overdriven fender telecaster? What do the drums sound like?"


they would NEVER EVER talk about the theory.


It's called "Whistler" and if it's thunker, Richard Whitelock (who thunked it) gets even half of what he would like it to do up and running it will completely revolutionise the way music composition happens. IT WILL BE FUN - Whooo! AND he will put it in the hands OF THE PEOPLE rant rant gibber


Seriously go check it out and if the Spirit is Moving You. Cast your vote upon Worthy, or offer up a Prayer to Elvis or whatever it is that yo do best. HELP ME HAVE THIS APP. PLEASE.

How did I find out about this? Sp3ccylad knows everything.


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