Monday, October 09, 2006

The hour is fast upon us ....

The Reverend Frost at Spread The Good Word is ahead of the Pack, here, and already onto the 2nd thrilling instalment of the BLOODY HALLOWEEN MIX and this is a goody. Where does he find all this weird and wonderful ... no, no, you're quite right. Sorry to get all Cerebral on you.

What else? Well.

undomondo Ghoulish sounds abound with a few well chosen creep anthems, and for the totally addicted to weird there's this:

Spellbound Music for Theremin no less. 2 one hour radio shows. Perfect.

I also like Tango Mortale by After Son and as Slumbering mentions in the comments, that Gumbo has been out walking these nights, and he's got a tale to tell: Cold To The Bone

Also up and in the mood is Dead Flowers (not The Stones' track btw) by Kemi Helwa, and the wonderfully eerie blues of Loonatic by MO. If that don't get you in the Spirit nothing will. Loonatic is nothing to do with the full moon, and everything to do with one of the creepiest natural sounds you could hear. Lovely to be Loony, indeed.

Oh and my webcounter is back to normal, and I didn't have half a million visitors last week. Phew.


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