Wednesday, March 14, 2007

St Patrick's Weekend

Well if there's no work then the party won't stop, will it now? Get a grip.
So here's a few things to get you in the mood. Some Songs and some Tunes. The Songs first.

These files will collapse in a heap on Sunday Morning on a riverbank somewhere shouting joyously at the drizzle. Slainté.

Mad Lady and Me by Jimmy McCarthy from the Song of the Singing Horseman which for such a great album is outrageously difficult to track down.
You Couldn't Have Come At A Better Time by Luka Bloom from "Riverside"
Solid Ground by Dolores Keane from Solid Ground
Daddy I'm Fine Sinéad O'Connor from "Faith and Courage"

And now the Tunes:

Reels:The Floating Crowbar, The Star Of Munster by Arty McGlynn from "McGlynn's Fancy"
Slip Jigs, Barney Brannigans and Beimíd Ag Ól by Micho Russell from "The Limestone Rock"
Cathals Favourite by Cian from the album "Three Shouts from a Hill"
Gorman's, The Dawn, Mrs Crehans reel by Matt Molloy and Sean Keane from "Contentment IS Wealth"
Calico by Flook from "Flatfish"

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Blogger Omar Cruz said...

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Blogger Reverend Frost said...

Slainte !!!!

1:04 PM  

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