Thursday, March 01, 2007

MacIDOL Update

It's been a pretty mad month here by The Kingdom, working on an album of songs for the RPM Challenge a desperate attempt to write and record ten songs in a monthe and produce an album/CD and mail it to New Hampshire without losing your job or compromising your integrity in any way whatsoever. Except maybe in the last week. Needless to say we survived intact, and learned a few things along the way (keep all the mixes)

Here's a few songs to keep you goin'. And I'll be back with selections from the MacIDOL participants in a couple of days. That'll be a feast. Then we'll be back to normal broadcasting, whatever that is ... Oh Yeah! Old Timey.

tiny elvis
Sista Mac
Oh I laughed, and then some. Fun Fun Fun.

We'll All Fall Down
2nd Millenium Mersey beat, older and wiser and just as contagious. On tour in the UK soon. I'll let you know when he lets us know ;~) I'm hoping to make the Oxford gig.

Stupid w/toots
RC Andrews
Collaboration with James Bouchard - see below

James Bouchard
Hey! Touch base here. Listen up! Man tellin' the TRUTH here. "You won't find Hell, oh outside, Hell is all in your mind"

Miss Chaos is going from strength to strength, with vocals and lyrics by Regina Zernay. Feels like Medicine. One of those late night darkroomsway, oblivious, lone groove moments. Taste it.

Dave Jones
Saturday morning a bath and put this on repeat while he world goes to Hell. Enjoy! Steep.

National Pastime
Me and Boris the Bull a neat groove and a great vocal. been listening to this guys music for years , now, and I can't tell whether this is him or some old guy he taped doing MArlon Brando impersonations. Weird. It comes across like some Downtempo Studs Terkel workitonout. Deep.

Y got y Honey another James Bouchard Collab - this time Gilbert Nielson has laid some (completely off the cuff one take?) vocals which are weaving a word picture to rival Kerouac at his most observant. I'm blown by this tune!


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