Monday, January 29, 2007

"MacIDOL Monday" Returns

What happened? Where'd he go? Wha?

Dunno. Time just flies by sometimes. Anyway here are some of my favourite recent uploads at MacIDOL

Frequency Karma
Opening with a wickedly jaunty beat and getting straight down to the main question. This is Powerpop in essence. The Bangles hitting on Metallica. No drink taken.

Men Of Luggage
The Calculus Affair
When they namecheck Simon and Garfunkel you know they're serious. No-one does that without meaning it. This is some of the most gorgeous Pop since the Beach Boys.

Long Time Comin' v2
RC Andrews posted this tune up asking for additional instruments, and this is my favourite, though there are a few to choose from! A beautiful song perfectly complemented by MO's haunting guitar work.

Stevil Darkman
Funky World beat with throat music - what more could you ask for?

The Dead Dance!
A Good Front
Their tribute to the Cramps is a kickin' slice of Pre-Psychobilly Horrorpop. Great tunes alround and just the right Garage feel to the recordings. If you tried to get this sound you'd be brain twisted howling at the moon before you finished.

Tesseract (Mosterberged)

SLUMBERING!! YAY! a new slumbering track is always a cause for celebration all across the Kingdom, and this one is MOSTERBERGED. We are living on the Edge!

Invisible Bike

The Radio Told Me
Don't you just know it. Timeless and catchy from the Tasman.

Circulus Vitae II
Deadman Turner
And this works! slumbering (see above) extemporising vocals over Deadman Turners opus which uses every major and minor chord in it's composition! (Is that sharps and flats, too, I wonder? A wonderful piece.

Jesus Done Called Me
ThreeCatClem is making a name for himself as a full-on mighty guitar grinder, and this track is my favourite, though they do get heavier than this. Check out his jamroom.

Peanut Butter
And at the completely other end of the attitudinal scale is this delightful recording of a young girl's homemade song. Mighty Better Than Honey!


Blogger slumbering said...

Yikes! I didn't realize you'd started posting again until now. I thought maybe you'd given up, like i sorta did, and, wel....

Anyway, it's great to see you active on your blog again and thank you for doing MacIDOL Monday, and thank you ever so much for mentioning me, heh! :D

Whenever i try to do my song blog, i get so confused. You do such a great job, Stu.

2:56 PM  

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