Thursday, April 05, 2007

Scott H Biram hits the UK in April

Damn it all to Hell. Scott H Biram is playing the UK today. And Tomorrow. And the next day! Does he not like Guinness or something?? Ireland is calling you Scott. Scott? Are you listening, Scott. Mr Biram? Sir?? I'll buy you the damn Guinness ...

One of the most inspiring artists on the boardwalk of DEEP rockabilly, shuvin' all contenders aside and shakin' your bones this man is a force to be reckoned with, and I should know! I have heard the word writ tall on the wall. I have seen the scene quake with the seismic forces that Biram roots down into. I have, so I have, and so will you if you get in the car and get over there.

Check out his Myspace site for up n comings and check his Record Company, Bloodshot Records(who have a few freebies posted) and be sure to write and thank em (monetarily) for sharing these tunes with the faithful (and the curious) ...

Been Down Too Long
No Way


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