Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Janis Martin 1940-2007

Kingdom favourite Janis Martin died a fortnight ago, aged 67. As called by bookofjoe

I've had the RCA double LP of her on my desk since the last post about her, waiting to get to a record player, and the new needle turned up in the post day before yesterday. That album is the first one ripped to my hard drive.

She'd been due to play the Americana Festival in Nottinghamshire this summer, which would have surely seen her onstage with Rosie Flores. Janis sang on Rosie's '96 CD Rockabilly Filly along with Wanda jackson, and Rosie has championed her on the Rockabilly scene over the years.

According to her website Rosie and Janis were working on tracks for a Janis Martin CD earlier this year. I wonder if that went ahead?

Click, click ...

Actually YES! it did, news up on the Myspace fansite and features two songs from the album. Long White Cadillac and Sweet Dreams. Bittersweet as someone said in the comments. Great tracks though.

Speaking of great tracks. Here are a couple.

Let's Elope Baby 1956 from her first session for RCA
Good Love from 1958

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Blogger No Marsupial Equivalent said...

NIce! Hadn't heard of Janis before, but I like her singing a lot -- Good, bluesy rockabilly singer in the Wanda Jackson school, but a little less wild sounding, a little more modulated.

I wonder who the guit player is for this session -- very tasty.

5:25 PM  
Blogger The DoorKeeper said...

I remember that first time hearing Janis, She is such a breath of fresh air. A real surprise. Somehow Wanda Jackson had to happen. Y'know, but I never expected Janis Martin. Wow! She's so herself.

Was. Sadly.

That's Chet Atkins' tasty lead playing on 'Let's Elope Baby' and someone called George Barnes on Good Love, recorded 18 months later in New York, rather than Nashville. I'm going to have look him up ...

8:40 PM  

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